My daughter will be two on Ovtober 5th and honestly I have yet to lose the baby weight. I stay home with her and think that is my root issue. It was easier to control portions when I was working. At home if I am eating leftovers for lunch, it is so easy to “finish the pan”.  I snack WAY too much during the day and even worse I’ve taken to snacking so much after my daughter goes to bed that calorically I’ve consumed a second dinner.

My activity level has also gone WAY down. Although I do go for walks with Miss J and chasing a toddler can get hectic it is not equivalent to the level of activity I used to enjoy– beginning each day running 4 miles.

At the beginning of the summer I was very consistent with Jillian Michaels routines almost daily and I was beginning to see results but fell off the bandwagon and have gained 8 pounds back since June. 

I am hoping that baring all on my blog will inspire ( shame) me into making better choices. I know that fitting into the size 0 jeans that I wore a few years ago is unrealistic but getting into the size 4 jeans I wore pre-pregnancy should be an attainable goal. I don’t desire perfection but I do want to set a better example for my daughter. I want to be healthy and strong for her– I want her to remember all of the active things we do together and not someone who fills a cereal bowl with ice cream out of boredom.

So here is my start point:

Yikes!!!! I will post photo updates once a week. What is my weight goal? Ideally 120. But honestly am less concerned with a ‘number’ and more concerned regaining my muscle tone. Someof you sell some wonderful weight loss aids, and although I love supporting home business ventures, at this time I want to try shedding the weight purely through better food choices and regular exercise. 

Wish me luck!!!! 


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