Friday Favorites

Good morning! So excited to kick off a fun fall weekend. But first here are some of the things that have been making me happy. Linking up with AndreaErika and Narci for Friday Favorites.

Favorite One: My Friend Pam

A tip that has been going around Pinterest is that Pam dries nail polish. Sheaffer mentioned it awhile back on her blog which is the impetus I needed to finally try it. Life. Changing. My wild and wooly days spent chasing a toddler means my nails are often woefully neglected. Being able to dry my polish in 20 seconds means I can quickly slip a polish change into a narrow window of time. 

Favorite Two: Getting Healthy

Yesterday on my blog I did something pretty unthinkable. I posted a picture of me in a sports bra AND a picture of my number on the scale. I am holding myself accountable. Obviously I am only one day in but the blog definitely helped me to not cut corners. Every time I considered ‘cheating’ I remembered that next Thursday I will be posting my update! If you’d like to follow along on my journey you can read yesterday’s post here.

Favorite Three: Party Planning

Was so excited to send out the invitations to Julia’a puppy pawty. This is a glimpse– I cut it off to remove contact info. Having so much fun delving into party planning and crossing items off my to do lists. It is really coming together! 

 I hope everyone has a great weekend! 


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