Weight Loss Update: Week One

Last week Thursday I weighed 135.8 pounds. This morning after a week of better food choices and some exercise I weighed in at:

I’ll take it!! Nice to see my hard work begin to pay off. The first 4 days I just focused on cleaning up my diet. I knew if I radically altered my diet AND exercised it would be too much. So I focused on the diet. I am trying to limit my dairy–I have given up my creamer in the morning coffee and have said my tearful goodbyes to cheese. But I have had a couple of Geeek yogurts so haven’t completely eliminated dairy, just reduced it. I have also been trying to reduce my carbs although full disclosure I did have pasta last night. My biggest change has been in portion control and eliminating relentless snacking. I still snack but am more careful about it. An apple in the afternoon instead of a plate of nachos, etc. 

On Monday I began incorporating exercise. I have been doing Jillian Michaels DVDs every day and have been going for walks as well. 

This has been really hard but the blog accountability helps for sure. My mom not knowing that I had begun this diet, brought over a plate of cookies. I have been tempted to sneak in a cookie but then I remember that I have a scale picture coming up and the urge evaporates. 

Fingers crossed that next week goes as well! Come back on Thursday and find out!


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