Let’s Talk Entertainment

Good Morning. Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for their monthly Let’s Talk link up.

I am a reader, always have been. But with chasing a toddler all day Boyh my time and attention span are limited. Gone are the days where I immerse myself in a serious biography or an in depth look at a historic period ( I am an admitted history nerd). I need my books to be light and compelling. My most recent read is definitely not ‘light’ but definitely kept my attention, made me think about existential matters and made me cry the ‘ugly cry’–a pretty awesome fest for this season of my life. It is a memoir written by a gifted surgeon during his own journey with terminal cancer. 

As for TV– I love Madam Secretary which is about to start back up. Is it realistic? Nope! Do I want it to be? Absolutely not, I love the optimism, the solvable problems and the idealism. And like every one else I am in a frenzy over This is Us. So, so good!!!!!! 

Look forward to reading everyone’s posts as I have gotten my best recommendations from other bloggers.


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