Show and Tell Tuesday: Scary Story!!!

Good morning! Today I am linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday. Brace yourself as I am totally bringing the scary to today’s scary story topic! 

First I should clarify that I was not a child that had one foot in a fantasy world. I was almost relentlessly cynical about childhood’s moments of magic. Yes, I was the kid who debunked Santa and the Easter Bunny at a young age. My stuffed animals did not have names because animals in the wild don’t have names, etc. I was never a fearful child, never afraid of the dark– never needed a transistional object to help me sleep. So I was not the sort of child to make up a scary story.

Until I was 8 my family lived in a big beautiful old house– I think the house was built in the 1880s. The house had lots of charm and some pretty cool features including a secret room! However, the entire time my parents lived there, strange inexplicable things happened. 

Examples? Before they had children or pets they came home to find that the toilet paper in their bathroom had completely unspooled and was all over he bathroom floor. The house had been locked during their absence and no one in their life ever admitted to the prank. But even stranger they came home once to find that a very large painting with a heavy ornate frame was no longer hanging in its spot on the wall but instead was on the floor leaning against the wall in a different part of the room. It was in a spot and position that meant it had definitely not fallen. Again the house had been locked and no one ever came forward to say they were behind the incident. At the time my parents were in a new city and although they had neighbors  and co-workers they were friendly with, they had no close friends or family in the area and no one had a key to their house. Creepy!

The last couple of years that we lived there ( I would have been in first and second grade) I definitely experienced my own share of creepy moments. Heard voices that were clearly not there. Toys moved from one room to another with no explanation. My brother (the normal culprit) wasn’t home and my parents denied having moved the toys. If they had touched my toys it would be to put them away and not to simply put them on the floor of a different room! As soon as we moved this stuff immediately stopped happening– no more voices , no more toys appearing in odd spots, life became blissfully normal.

My second story happened to my brother when he was in his twenties. He was renting an upper apartment in a beautiful older home. He knew the house had been built out East somewhere and that years ago it was dismantled and brought to the small Wisconsin town he was living in and reassembled. It was apparently one of the oldest homes in town. At the time my brother was a reporter for the local newspaper and he thought an article about his house would be a nice human interest story. The article ran including big photos of both the interior and exterior of his home.  About a week after the story ran he received a call at his office from a very elderly woman who was calling from a nursing home. Apparently she had lived in his house years ago as a child and her parents ran a funeral home out of the house, a detail my brother hadn’t heard. From talking to her, it was clear she has indeed lived in the house as her recollection on the lay out of the rooms and architectural details was spot on and couldn’t have been gleaned simply from the newspaper photos. The funeral home detail made a certain amount of sense as something unsettling and creepy had been occurring in the house. He and his girlfriend would occasionally babysit her nephew in the house– the nephew was about two at the time. Well, he would inevitably carry on whole one sided conversations which would include him looking intently at absolutely nothing and having long pauses in which he was clearly listening to the other end of the conversation. Yes, little kids are prone to imaginary friends  but here is the thing: he only did this at my brother’s house and after my brother moved within the year, it stopped happening all together! 

So those are my two ghost stories! 


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