Halloween Recap

Holidays are so much more exciting now that Miss J is old enough to participate! 

Last week Robert had a day off of school so I picked him up for a visit. He carved one of the pumpkins that we got from our church’s outing to a pumpkin farm. I wish I had thought to take pictures as he did such a nice job. I love that he is old enough to handle both the artistic and technical aspects of pumpkin carving as I am TERRIBLE at it–we had some hilariously bad efforts from me in years past! 

I apologize for the picture quality–it is no easy feat getting an overstimulated 2 year old to stand still long enough for a photo! I have no doubt that in future years we’ll do something more elaborate in the costume department but this Carter’s butterfly costume was $10 brand new and was warm enough to handle end of October in Wisconsin so I overlooked the fact that it was a little snug in her ) the bigger sizes were picked over). Am happy I didn’t make more of an investment as she was very unsure about her costume initially–being told she was a pretty butterfly made her cry. But after a serious talk where I let her know that she is in fact still ‘Julia’ seems to help and then she began to enjoy herself. She  never allowed me to put up her hood with the antenna. But life is about compromise and at least she wore the suit! 

We had a great time at our church’s harvest party–the decorations were incredible. And of course I neglected to take pictures!!! Julia enjoyed having a lunch that was so treat laden and the chance to run around the fellowship hall with the other children. After nap we went trick or treating. Our neighborhood association puts on an elaborate evening trick or treat which we skipped. I think she’ll be more ready for that next year. Instead we did a daytime one and just did a few houses. She LOVED it–especially carrying her treat basket. After our return she kept grabbing her shoes in one hand and her basket in her other and going to our door and imploring us to “Go”. She clearly wanted to hit up more of our friends and family for candy! 

We had so much fun that I am already excited for next year’s Halloween!


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