Friday Favorites

After a long hiatus, have decided to resume blogging. The impetus to come back was my two year old daughter. For nearly a year she has referred to sheep as ” a baa”. Now if we are looking in a book and I ask her to show me the sheep, she will correctly point to the sheep so I knew she knew the word, but if I asked her what it was, “a baa”. The other night we were reading and I turned to a page that had many farm animals pictured and she began to excitedly shriek and point “a sheep'”, “a sheep”. I am thrilled she is FINALLY using the correct word but a little sad that we’re over “a baa”. My long winded point is that these phases and quirks feel like they will last forever but sadly they don’t and the blog is a great place to document them. Plus I miss the interactions I had with you guys!

I am participating in the Friday Favorites link up sharing my faves of the week. 

One: SNOW!!!!

This is not something I usually long for living in Wisconsin as a typical January provides us plenty but so far we have had a snowless month. Until yesterday! It was truly just a dusting, but enough for little J to get out and play. It was cold so we only stayed out long enough for her to get rosy cheeks. We are still in the phase where it often takes us longer to prep for the activity than it does to participate in said activity! 

Two: New Appliances!

A new fridge is far from glamorous but as you get older priorities shift. A new fridge is evidently not only privately exciting to me, because I sent enthusiastic photos to many of my friends and have now blogged about the fridge. 

Three: Sibling Love

Okay, maybe not the very best picture that I have of them together. But their sweet relationship is definitely one of my favorites. J loves sitting on her brother’ slap while he eats his after school snack. A snack which he happily shares.  Disregard the mess behind them ( now that I’ve drawn attention to it, haha!). I like to keep clutter off of our dining room table but in doing so it migrates to the buffet. Sigh. 

Well, this was fun! I look forward to catching up with everyone. Have a great weekend!


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