Tuesday Talk

Good morning! Today I am joining ( belatedly) a new link up: Tuesday Talk with Erika and Ashley.

Apparently this is an open discussion to discuss anything! So I am going to get super vulnerable and share something horrible that happened to me recently. It all began innocently enough when I was cleaning the kitchen after dinner and realized that I did not have quite enough detergent for running a load in the dishwasher. Not a big deal at all as I live near a Walgreens so it it like a 1/2 block walk. Maybe not the greatest logistics for resale value of our home, but truly super convenient on an almost daily basis for ‘forgotten’ items. So I popped over  to pick up the detergent. Admittedly I was NOT looking my best–hair and make up were decidedly not done, but after the events that transpired I think I need to begin listening to my mother and not run even the briefest of errands without a full face of make up. 

Why? Um, because the clerk ( a young ditzy girl) cheerfully asked me if I was 55 or older as it was ‘senior citizen’ day so there were discounts. Now at 43, I was not super thrilled to be asked if I were 55, but at that point I was still giving her grace as judging ages can be tough and her job probably encourages her to promote the deal, etc. However, when I shook my head and gently told her that I was not in fact 55 she responded by gasping and saying, “REALLY?”!!!! Um, not okay. 

You don’t expect a simple errand to become a soul crushing experience but that one certainly was–I returned home in tears. 

The core issue is: words matter. We all, (including myself!!!) need to think before we speak. 

The good news is that I have become much more diligent about my skin care regimen!!!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk

  1. ACK!!!!! I feel your pain, that is terrible!!!!!!

    One day I went to Subway for lunch and asked for extra cucumbers or was it pickles? one of those two! On my sandwich, and the worker thought I was PREGNANT. (I am not, nor have I ever been.) I was mortified, but the worker KEPT TALKING. Said that pregnant women needed extra veggies in their diets so thats why she thought I was pregnant. It was terrible!! I now go to Jimmy Johns for sandwiches 🙂


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