If it wasn’t photographed, did it happen!?!

I just reviewed my photos from the weekend and realized there are, uh, no photos from my weekend. At least not bloggable. I will try to do better next week! I do want to be ‘in the moment’ and not be so focused on capturing it that I miss out on experiencing it. But I do want to document some everyday moments as I don’t want to forget anything. Need to work on finding that balance. 

Friday night was a cozy evening in watching a documentary about Glen Campbell on Netflix. Which segued into seeking out Glen Campbell performances on YouTube. What did we do preinternet when ALL the information on every topic wasn’t so readily available!?! Hard to remember, but am just happy that it exists now so that my husband and I can indulge in these tributaries of spontaneous interest such as : I wonder what Glen Campbell’s cover of the Green Day song sounds like? 

Saturday was full of errands rewarded by a steak dinner at the end of the day. I won’t bore you with the play by play of said errands but will mention it included shopping for a new mattress. My goodness there are a lot of options! We are tempted tempted tempted by a moveable platform. 1) Because we enjoy on occasion watching movies in bed so it seems like being able to prop ourselves up would be a delightful viewing option AND 2) It would help with my husband’s snoring. 

Sunday was church and football. I taught Sunday school which I always enjoy. The football game was a disappointment ( we’re Green Bay Packer fans). But I am so thrilled they got as far as they did this season, in October the playoffs seemed like an impossibility. And I have in laws in Atlanta who are Falcons fans and I am legitimately thrilled for them to be in the Super Bowl. 

Oh and I lied, there is one picture! My parents came over for an hour or so to play with J before they went to a matinee of the symphony. J relished the grandparent attention and spent the hour ping ponging between grandparent laps.

Hope everyone has a great week!!!!


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