Show and Tell Tuesday: Splurge vs Steal

Today I am linking up with Andrea for her Show and Tell Tuesday series. Today’s topic is splurge vs steal.

I immediately experienced a hiccup with today’s topic: evidently I don’t photograph myself in my outerwear so please bear with the crummy photographic evidence I’m using to prove my points! 

I definitely believe in splurging in a good winter coat. I live in Wisconsin so a heavy coat is often necessary from November through March and sometimes into April! If I choose a classic style I can get away with wearing it for multiple years and can therefore justify a heftier price tag. Case in point is this coat:

It is Kenneth Cole and I fell in love with it at the store but wasn’t thrilled about paying over $1000 for a coat so reluctantly walked away. Returned a few weeks later and saw it was on sale for $700 which was still pricey but felt more doable so I pulled the trigger and have never regretted it. It has been a true investment piece as I purchased it in , gulp, 2008 and am still wearing it, has been well worth it!

Now what I absolutely positively will not spend money on is winter scarves! I mean $10 is more than I typically want to spend! So yes my $700 coat routinely gets paired with a $3.00 scarf. A cashmere scarf would be lovely but I simply cannot be trusted with that kind of responsibility–I have left scarves (and gloves!) throughout the Milwaukee area. As soon as they hit the vinyl of a booth I become an amnesiac and have no recollection that I had arrived at the restaurant appropriately accessorized for the weather. So I tend to stock up at end of winter clearance sales at places like Target or Kohls. The scarf pictured below was under $5.00 from Target and has been long lost.

Again I apologize for the poor pictures. No idea why I let my hair look like that in the first pic–I want to reach into my screen and throw that disaster into a ponytail stat. And the bottom picture!?! Why am I so angry!?! Yikes!!!! 

Look forward to seeing other people’s splurges and steals. I’ll be back next month to discuss my loves. 


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