Nuggets: Relationships

Today I am linking up with The Blended Blog for their nuggets of advice series. Today’s topic appropriately on Valentine’s Eve is    relationships.

Last week I blogged about  how I keep my marriage strong. You can read that post Here

But what I wished I mentioned in last week’s post was that the relationship I cultivated with my husband’s son has created in many ways the foundation of our marriage. I do not want to get into any identifying specifics about my stepson on my blog so I’ll speak generally. My number one tip in creating a relationship with a love interest’s child is to build a relationship with that child’s other parent. So about a year into my relationship with my future husband, I called his ex-wife to introduce myself. In my mind she had every right to know the woman who was spending time with her child. She was receptive to that initial conversation and over time we built a relationship and it has been such a blessing! I think one of the worst aspects for a child of divorce is to spend a lot of time missing the other parent. Building a good relationship with my stepson’s mom has meant that at least in the big days in his life there isn’t a “team mom” and a “team dad” but rather a “team R”. ( R is my stepson) We have co-hosted birthday parties, celebrated church events as a family and sit together at school functions. I am NOT taking credit for this–both my husband and his ex wife have done their parts to make this relationship work. 

My husband and I now have a two year old daughter and his ex wife has been a part of her life. She visited us in the hospital the day she was born and has attended both of her birthday parties. You can never have too many people who delight in your child so we welcome her presence in our daughter’s life. 

This was fun. I’ll be back tomorrow for the Show and Tell Tuesday. And I will be back on Feb 20th to share my work out strategies with this link up. 


3 thoughts on “Nuggets: Relationships

  1. You, my friend, are a wise woman. Where was this great post when I was struggling to be a step-mom. And rather unsuccessfully. It is kind of odd that I have had relationships with the women my ex married but not with the exes of my husband. Does that make sense at all? Need to think on that and try to figure out what went wrong.

    Your step-son and his mom are very fortunate that you are in his life. What a blessing you must surely be.

    Thank you for joining us at The Blended Blog for this nugget! XO


  2. This is so wonderful. That’s awesome that you reached out and planted the seeds to grow that relationship! You’re right, a child can never have too many people loving him/her!


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