Show and Tell Tuesday: Kids Parties

Am joining Andrea’s Show and Tell Tuesday link up a day late.  The topic is children’s parties parties, a topic near and dear to my heart.

For my daughter’s first birthday the theme was Peter Rabbit. 

Sorry about the poor photography! We kept the event super simple as a one year old can’t handle ( or appreciate) something too elaborate. So we invited friends and family for an hour of cake and conversation. I also read an abdridged Peter Rabbit book to the children. My daughter wore a Mrs Tiggy Winkle dress that had been mine as a child so sentimental attachment and in keeping with the Beatrix Potter theme.

For decorations we had framed studio pictures of Julia posing with a Peter Rabbit stuffed animal. 

For her second birthday we decided she was ready for something slightly more elaborate. We decided since our home is fairly small to do it off site. Best decision, ever! Our church is 2 blocks from our house so we held the party in the fellowship hall. It gave the children a safe space to run around in as well as gave us access to a kitchen for last minute prep and family restrooms for our guests. 

The theme was Puppy Party. We held the party mid afternoon and just served snacks and desserts.

We purchased inexpensive dog bowls for serveware. The paw print  napkins and tablecloths were from Party City.

The close up of the cookies aren’t actually my daughter’s cookies just a sample picture from my baker. The cookies were super fun but I wish I had used them as favors instead of placing them on the buffet. Apparently we did not need cookies, cake and cupcakes! For activities we had a puppy adoption, I found adoption certificate printablea online and the puppies I bought in bulk at Oriental Trading company. We also had puppy ear headbands for the kids to wear which I purchased from a part supply store. We also had tons of balls from the dollar store and we blew up a ton of balloons–the kids enjoyed running around with them, no organized activity necessary. I also found puppy outlines online which I printed out for the kids to color. 

Now the number one lesson I have learned from the two parties I have thrown: have a dedicated photographer!  My husband and I were too busy hosting so we ended up with very few photos which were of questionable quality.


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