Girl Chat: Lucky

Today I am participating in the Girl Chat link up. Today’s topic is luck. There are many times in my life where I have felt lucky. But I have decided to share a life changing event that at the time just seemed so unlikely and coincidental but later seemed like fate.

Okay am going to age myself from the jump. In April of 1991 I was a high school senior. The college I was to be attending in September had an upcoming freshman class of over 1000 students and there were many orientation dates to choose from. I chose a date in mid-April and spent a day participating in events that 25 years later I barely remember. But what I do remember is going to the language lab right before the lunch hour to take a test which would determine what French class I would qualify for. I was less concerned about my French placement and more concerned about who I would eat lunch with after my test as we were supposed to head to the cafeteria as soon as we completed the test. As I walked out of the testing center a pretty brunette walked out next to me. She nervously asked if I would like to join her for lunch an offer which I gratefully accepted. As soon as we sat down we began clicking, conversation was easy. Another girl ended up joining us and although I am sure she was nice enough, she was difficult to relate to and conversation with her was decidedly more awkward. 

Fast forward to July when I received my roommate assignment. Yes, it was the pretty brunette. I couldn’t believe it when I recognized her name. And no we had not requested the match. 

Our successful lunch was no fluke, we immediately hit it off as roommates. To the point where other women on our floor assumed we were high school friends who had decided to room together! We lived together off and on all four years both in dorms and in an off campus apartment. All these years later we live in the same city and remain best friends. She was maid of honor in my wedding and is a special person in my daughter’s life. Am so lucky to have entered adult life with her! 

And a post about college isn’t complete without some embarrassing photos. Feast your eyes on my denim shorts! You’re welcome.


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