Friday Favorites

Linking up with AndreaErika and Narci to share all the goodness of my week. 

Laughing at Myself:

I definitely do not take myself too seriously nor do I worry too much about my reputation. When something hilarious happens to me, I spill it. As I did on Tuesday when I blogged my embarrassing moments. If you’d like to read about my urine soaked wardrobe malfunction, you can read here

Fabulous in Fur:

My little diva helping me run errands at Sam’s Club.

Giving Back:

I really should have taken a picture but but trust me my dining room table is covered with sweet baby things. I am assembling layettes for a church missions project. I was so blessed when my daughter was born by the generosity of my friends and family. It is fantastic having the opportunity to make other mothers feel equally loved upon. 

March Blizzards:

Normally not a favorite. But when you have snow in December that your daughter didn’t get to play in as you were waiting for after Christmas deals on snow suits and then you saw no substantial snow in January and February well a dumping of the white stuff in March becomes a relief. Hypothetically. 

As always this was fun! Looking forward to a big weekend of celebrations–St Patrick’s Day AND my birthday. 


3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    1. Aw, thank you. Well, as
      You’re in Mn and I am in Wi, I think we have a pretty good shot of making up these lackluster snowfalls next year! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂


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