Friday Favorites

Today I am linking up with AndreaErika and Narci for Friday Favorites.

A Purse Never Makes Me Feel Fat:

That has been my motto for years! My daughter is two and we’re working toward potty training. But even when she is out of diapers, I’ll remain her Sherpa hauling tons of stuff everywhere. But I am sick of diaper bags. So I wanted a transitional purse. Obviously I needed size. But I also wanted something easy to clean as my daughter is very prone to playing with my purse and also very prone to playing with markers! Plus sticky fingers… And I wanted something inexpensive because if it did lose the battle with the two year old I didn’t want a major bereavement. Which my friends, is how I ended up with a vinyl purse! Season of life, season of life, season of life.

If this is also your season of life (or if you would simply like an affordable tote in a pretty spring color) you can find it here

Never Grow Up:

I love being home with my daughter–someone remind me of that at 4PM when I am attempting to cook dinner while she simultaneously issues a reign of terror on our dog. As she did last night, I was distracted rolling out my biscuits while she emptied the dog’s water bowl onto herself…sigh. But back to my initial sentiment, I do love being home because there are far too many sweet moments to fit into my blog. For instance making tea and serving it in her plastic tea set. It was only a smidegeon of extremely weak tea with lots and lots of milk but Julia felt very grown up! 

We had a tea party at her little table and chairs set. She was so tickled to be entertaining momma at her table. I wish I had photos but I purposely kept my phone away as I wanted it to be an experience and not a photo op. Good for life but perhaps bad for the blog. 

Another sweet moment was coming across the table Julia had set. That upside down fork carefully placed on the wrong side of the plate just melts me. Stay two forever!

Throwback Photos:

I love, love, love old photos. I will happily peruse a stranger’s 15 year old yearbook! In that spirit here are some old photos that were shared on social media last weekend in honor of my birthday.

Those are my parents holding me when I was a couple weeks old in all of their 1973 glory. My dad’s white belt is everything to me. 

This one was taken at what I believe was my 10th birthday. It was the morning after my sleepover party. Take note that most of the group opted to lounge in their dance leotards. I was not in a leotard but clearly wanted to wear something equally uncomfortable to watch Saturday morning cartoons in so decided to wear a knee length denim skirt with suntan hued PANTYHOSE!!!!! Also take note of the decor and pin away on your Pinterest boards: Orange table…green shag carpet…table lamp with gold shade sitting askew…hello 1983 on a budget! 

Well this was fun! Come back tomorrow if you want to hear about my birthday weekend. It was the very best birthday I have had in years! 

Have a wonderful weekend!



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