This is 44

Last Sunday was my birthday. In the past I’ve invited my parents and in laws over for a celebratory meal which has always been a nice time. But this year I opted to keep it simple and have a quiet day with my husband and daughter, and I am telling you it was the most fantastic birthday I have had in YEARS! 

My husband set an alarm at Midnight the day of my birthday (which I miraculously slept through) as he wanted to be the very first to wish me happy birthday on Facebook. He also wished me a happy birthday in front of the congregation at our church. 

We had take out tacos for lunch and carry out pizza and chicken wings for dinner, so no dishes or kitchen clean up! We napped and watched movies. We went out for frozen yogurt and I had my own cup from which I did not share. #itsthelittlehings

My husband gave me a birthday card that was simultaneously hilarious and incredibly sweet. 

I did not a bit of childcare, Jeff did pretty much everything at his insistence. He even did some cleaning! 

I received my pretty spring purse.

But what I’ll mostly remember from my birthday is feeling so loved. And the laughter, we laughed a lot. And just being totally and utterly relaxed, other than church, we had a completely unscripted day free of commitments.  It made me realize that some years we have so many ‘plans’ that we end up rushing and in many ways fail to connect. Simple was definitely better for me. 


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