Weekend Recap

Good morning! Lots of commotion at my house today as we’re having our roof replaced. Quite a jolt to my Monday at 7:15 AM having the workers banging away AND my dog barking hysterically AND my two year old frantically shaking her tambourine!

Luckily I am still riding the wave of a great weekend which makes it easier to brush off the upheaval today. 

Friday night I met a girlfriend for dinner and A LOT of laughter. And I took exactly zero pictures. Too busy enjoying her company to even think to document it. We sat for 2.5 hours but we were sure to WAY over tip our waitress, like I think we gave her a 60% gratuity to offset the fact we were hogging her table for much of prime dinner time. 

Saturday meant errands too mundane to discuss here. And we visited my stepson at his place of employment for lunch. I will be so happy when winter hat season is behind us as my daughter’s fine toddler hair does not survive outerwear. #messyhairdontcare

For dinner my husband and stepson made chicken kick for dinner–it is a Cajun-y pasta with chicken (duh), andouille sausage and lots of peppers. It was wonderful to have a home cooked meal that I had absolutely no hand in preparing! 

Sunday was church–it was camp Sunday where there is a presentation on the various Methodist camps and potential scholarships to them. I missed that portion of the service as I was teaching Sunday school yesterday. But I did get to watch my daughter thoroughly enjoy the tent and pretend campfire that were set up in our fellowship hall during lunch. 

Again, crazy hair–the static electricity generated while rolling around in the tent did not help matters! But would rather see her having fun rather than look perfect. She is dressed super causal because when it was time to leave for church there were torrential downpours so I decided she would be more comfortable in pants. 

For dinner we at an Irish pub/ restaurant. It was delicious but they weren’t really set up for family dining probably because it was more bar and less restaurant. I had misremembered it as being more of a restaurant which had a bar but in actuality it was more of a bar that served great food.  I wanted to eat quickly and get out of there but our food took forever, more than an hour! And the constant refrain in my head was Reese Witherspoon exclaiming about the baby in the bar in a scene from Sweet Home Alabama! #momfail Next time, we’ll get carry out! 

Hope everyone had wonderful weekends as well and managed to keep their toddlers out of inappropriate settings!



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