Show and Tell Tuesday: Top 5 pictures

Today I am linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday, today’s prompt is to share our top 5 pictures.  

This was my first ‘bump’ picture deep into pregnancy. First pregnancy pictures get a lot of attention!

This is my daughter at about 4 months old. This makes me chuckle because my now two year old daughter’s days of lounging around the house in a cream colored Janie and Jack sweater are WAY behind her as I imagine it would only last minutes before it succumbed to ketchup stains! 

As evidenced in this photo taken when she was about 14 months old–I was making no bake cookies involving lots and lots of chocolate and allowed my daughter to ‘lick the spatula’ for the first time!

This one was taken more recently and although our outfits are obscured we are representing our team, The Green Bay Packers. little Miss’s big smiles *may* have more to do with the accompanying snacks than by the game. 

Okay for something totally different! My stepson about 5 years ago requested a Halloween costume that was both scary AND funny. Pinterest to the rescue! This costume in which he is holding his own head in a jar was a BIG hit during trick or treating as were the subsequent photos. The best part? It only cost us about $5.00 in materials. We used my husband’s old overcoat so all that we needed to purchase were some extra safety pins and a gigantic plastic jar of cheese puffs from Sam’s Club. 

This was fun! I can’t wait to snoop through everyone’s photos!




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