Dealing with Fussy Time

My normally happy two year frequently morphs into someone decidedly NOT happy in the late afternoon after her nap. Ideally I take her to the park or even play with her in the back yard but that is not always possible as fussy time of so conveniently coincides with dinner preparation time. #allthesarcasm And of course our weather is not always conducive for outdoor play. 

It helps to have some tricks up your sleeve. One is that I will often stockpile unopened toys that we have received as gifts and will save them for opportune moments. But when I put a new toy into circulation I try to stealthily take one out of circulation. The benefit is twofold as it helps us from getting totally overrun by toys ( totally lying we ARE overrun by toys) and two I can wait a few months and reintroduce the hidden toy and it will be like new all over again and of course help us when we’re having an out of sorts afternoon. 

Another thing I like to do is scour Pinterest for easy toddler crafts and keep them in my aresenal. The mess is completely worth it!

My daughter loves to help so I try to incorporate her in my household tasks and when she is feeling ‘important’ and ‘cooking’ she is less likely to meltdown. 

Lastly I place children’s books in my library hold list, that way they are waiting to be picked up in the reserve section with any nontoddler reserved material I may have requested. That way even if my daughter is with me when I pick up the books it is easier to conceal the ones for her than it would be if we chose them directly from the children’s section of the library. Being stealthy pays off as I can surprise her with a new book and stop a tantrum in its tracks as I did yesterday with a new to her Peppa Pig book.

Now I am totally a work in progress on this and far from an expert in toddler mood wrangling. So am soliciting for advice: do any of you have any tricks of the trade? 

Have a wonderful week!



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