Show and Tell Tuesday: Prom

Today I’m linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday. Today’s topic is prom—unfortunately I could only find one picture to share as the proms I attended were well before the digital age. In fact the last prom I  went to was, gulp, 26 years ago!

Unfortunately less than 6 months before my prom I watched the movie Rosemary’s Baby which inspired me to get my hair cut into a pixie cut although in no way shape or form do I possess the bone structure necessary for shorn hair. I am not Mia Farrow! 

And of course it was super fun to grow out once I realized my mistake ( immediately). Except not.  So come prom, there was not much to do with it, so my stylist teased it upright and shellacked it into an immovable nest.

My dress was navy blue sequins, the back was a corset and it was about knee length with an insanely full skirt. Yes, I was wearing a short full skirt, super flattering. Except not. Especially on someone 5’2″ such as myself. 

Senior year I also attended and could not find the pictures. My dress was a basic black dress that was actually pretty classic and not so obviously late 80s early 90s. My mom actually chose it, i think she may have ordered it from a catalog. Important to the story as I didn’t actually try the dress on. It arrived, in sullen teenage fashion I probably mumbled that it was fine and then forgot about it until the day of the dance. Um, it was WAY too big. A great discovery to make an hour before the dance. Except not.  Luckily my grandparents were visiting us that weekend and my grandma was a pretty adept seamstress so she altered it on the fly while murmuring to herself that I just didn’t have enough bust for this dress. Super embarrassing!!!!! Another embarrassing moment from the night was when my date arrived to pick me up. My dad was our English teacher and my date was in my dad’s class that year. Well, while we were trying to get situated in the yard for pictures, my dog was going crazy jumping up on us and barking, my dad began shouting “Get down Todd”! Um, the dog’s name was Chester, Todd was my date’s name! 

I LOVE looking at throwback pictures so I cannot wait to snoop through everyone’s posts! And feel free to share any embarrassing prom moments you may have had with me. Anything worse than my Grandma’s bust comment or my dad’s slip of the tongue!?!


4 thoughts on “Show and Tell Tuesday: Prom

  1. “my stylist teased it upright and shellacked it into an immovable nest.” I’m dying – I also went through a “I can totally pull off short hair” phase and I could NOT pull off short hair. Unfortunately this was for my brother’s wedding so there are lots and lots and lots of pictures to prove it! Loved this post and I think your hair was precious!


    1. Aw, thanks!!! Yes, it seems like my radical haircuts always coincide with the most photographed eras of my life– my took-a-sweet-forever-to-grow-out hairdo also impacted my senior pictures. And don’t even get me started on the times I’ve foolishly decided to cut bangs!


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