Workin’ It Wednesday: Spring Cleaning

Today I am writing about a topic I have no business writing about considering the current state of my home! Linking up with Shay and Erika for Workin’ It Wednesday. The topic? Spring cleaning!

With a very active two and a half year old and a husband who is frequently out of town for business travel, sometimes just keeping a baseline of cleanliness can be a challenge! 

Having big chunks of time to devote to cleaning seems like such a luxury akin to the glam squad Erika Girardi travels with on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It rarely happens with my daughter home with me all day. But I am all about micro bursts of cleaning and organizing. A lot can be accomplished in just a few minutes! And whenever possible I have my daughter ‘help’ me. 

My biggest problem is getting sidetracked. I need to be better at focusing on the task at hand! Staying focused helps a lot!

But my biggest tip is to give yourself grace. My daughter is not going to look back upon her childhood and warmly reflect that her home was spotless and decorated within an inch of its life but she will ( I hope) remember all the afternoons I spent on my hands and knees on the floor playing with her or the afternoons we spent playing at the park. Of course I want her to be in a clean home but it does not need to be perfect. So I will happily plead guilty that I have opted to have a tea party with her when my baseboards have needed attention. 

So do what you can when you can manage it but don’t lose sight of what is most important–that is my advice! 



2 thoughts on “Workin’ It Wednesday: Spring Cleaning

    1. I try to keep a clean house but if it comes down to spending quality time with my daughter or doing an item on my deep cleaning list, my daughter usually wins!


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