Show and Tell Tuesday Memory Lane

Good morning! Today I am linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday. Today topic is totally my jam: Memory Lane.

Last week I visited my parents for a couple of days and in an attempt to entertain my two year old daughter, they pulled these desks down from the loft of their garage ( where they had spent the past 30 years!).

At the end of fourth grade, the small school which I had attended was consolidated with another local school, so they gave away our school desks. My parents took one from my 4th grade classroom and one from my brother’s third grade classroom. Seeing them brought back so many memories! Lots of Strawberry Shortcake dolls lived under those lids!

I also had an epic sticker collection–lots of smelly stickers, lots of puffy stickers and this gem of Jermaine Jackson! 

And for my grand finale: the outfit I wore under my graduation gown in 1991! This picture was taken about 10 years ago after I found it in a closet at my parents’ house. I had been cleaning hence the bad hair! But trust me, my hair didn’t look good in 91 either, haha!

Let’s parse out what is happening in this outfit. Shoulder pads fit for a linebacker? check! Gold nonfunctional purely decorative buttons? Check! Lace fit for a doily? Check! A sash? Not pictured, but yes, check! Oh and let me clarify, that is not a skirt but in fact SHORTS! Oh and I distinctly remember in 91 pairing this with my white pumps! 

This was hilarious! I love when a blog topic makes me laugh. 


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