Show and Tell Tuesday

Today’s topic for Andrea’s Show and Tell Tuesday link up was so apt I had to bring my blogging hiatus to a close: The Struggle is Real!

Why such a long break from blogging?

No, I have not become a hoarder!

We are in the midst of a major kitchen remodel! The above photos were from our demo weekend. Gutted kitchen and new cabinets awaiting installation in our dining room commingled with displaced kitchen goods. I appreciate the hard work my husband and teenage stepson put into the demo but let’s just say it was not the light hearted good time Chip and Joanna Gaines portray it to be on Fixer Upper!

At this point the new cabinets are happily no longer in my dining room and instead have been properly hung by professionals. But we are still in the midst of major upheaval as the countertops don’t go in until the end of the month. Which means no kitchen plumbing until July! So my month long struggle (demo was Memorial Day weekend) has largely involved washing dishes in the bathroom sink! Obviously we’ve been using disposable dishes whenever possible but honestly plates and silverware are the easy things to wash in my small bathroom sink. The problem is pans and larger serveware. So we are subsisting mostly on grilling and carry out. I have never been so tired of restaurant food! But complaining is really ungracious, I am truly excited for the new kitchen! But in the meantime, oh the struggle is so very real!!!!