Workin’ It Wednesday

Good morning! I am participating in the Workin’ It Wednesday link up today, the topic being keeping your kids entertained all summer.

I am a stay-at-home mommy to a two year old so keeping her entertained is a year round gig for me! Sometimes I feel like I can’t possibly pull another trick out of my sleeve but then I remember that when they are toddlers, the world is huge and new and that there is wonderment in even the seemingly small and mundane.

Of course we do all the classic fun summer things: picnics, time at the park, popsicles, the pool. 

But sometimes if she is getting bored and fussy I can chage the mood by doing something as simple as moving her indoor play tent from her room to the back yard. Just the novelty of the change of location makes a big difference! Or we’ll eat our lunch on a blanket in the yard, instantly more fun! 

She is at the age where she loves to ‘help’ so although it makes my chores take quadruple the time, whenever possible I let her participate. She LOVES putting clothes (one at a time) into our front loading washing machine.  And she enjoys watering our flowers with her little watering can–our lilies recently bloomed and my daughter was so excited as she thinks her diligent watering has made them flourish.

I also cultivate a big online queue of materials from my local library. I request lots of books for Julia and every couple of days pick them up from the holding area, my daughter is thrilled to have new books to read. I enjoy the library as it is a great way to ‘try out’ books and figure out which ones are the ‘hits’ which we need to actually own so that I can read them approximately 5000 times!

I look forward to reading everyone’s ideas!


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